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Connect the world through the power of hospitality

Choice Hotels currently franchises more than 6,300 hotels, representing more than 500,000 rooms, in more than 35 countries and territories. Ranging from limited service to full-service hotels in the economy, mid-scale and upscale segments, Choice-branded properties provide business and leisure travelers with a range of high-quality, high-value lodging options throughout the United States and internationally.


Take a closer look at choice hotels for business travel

When I think of Choice Hotels, I think economical leisure travel as opposed to a company with the type and scale of product relevant to my company’s enterprise corporate travel plan.
– Corporate Travel Manager

Choice Hotels faced difficulties competing in the business travel space against more well-known and upscale hotel chains. Corporate travel managers (especially in F1000 companies) viewed Choice as a leisure travel option as opposed to a company with the brands, product or locations appropriate for corporate business travel.

Our objective was to develop a B2B marketing campaign that shifted perceptions about the Choice Hotel brand as a viable option for business travel while breaking perceptional barriers by educating and informing corporate travel managers.

Improving customer perceptions

Two concepts with themelines were developed that explored different approaches addressing hot topics important to travel managers. Key archetype (or buyer type) motivations targeted: Cost, Compliance, and Traveler Experience. Value messages engaged topics on Value, Reach, Reliability, and Travel Benefits.


Concept 1

The spirit of this concept positions Choice as the little-known option that’s better for business. Use of generous whitespace and humor in photography is used to underscore points of pain or solutions across multiple topics.

Concept 2

This honest-voiced, self-aware underdog approach positions Choice as the alternative to traditional business hotel chains. Imagery shows no pretentious airs, no gold-gilded faucets, just honest depictions of the business travel experience with real-world options and solutions you wouldn’t expect from a business-grade hotel chain.


Concept 2 was selected and a second pass was taken to refine and streamline the design. Border frames were removed and a second oval was added at the bottom of layouts as a neutral color block to give layouts a more organic, contemporary look and feel. Once the design was set, we built out the campaign, creating email templates, interactive landing pages, and a style guide for future in-house creative use.


Landing Pages

Campaign Style Guide