Brand Development
GE Fieldcore



Adriano Rosales
Matt Finizio
Adriano Rosales
Mike Ritt


Introducing Fieldcore—a new company, a new standard in excellence.

Granite Services and GE Power Services united to become a new field services powerhouse called FieldCore. FieldCore is a leading provider of rotating equipment service solutions for every segment of the Power Generation, Renewable Energy, and Oil & Gas industries.

Field services reimagined.

GE created a new company by merging the field services arm of GE Power Services with their wholly-owned field services execution company called Granite. This new company, with the name of FieldCore will support the power generation (wind, nuclear, aeroderivatives), water treatment, and oil and gas industries primarily, doing projects such as new plant construction, EHS supervision, materials management, turbine/reactor service and maintenance, and wind farm installation/operations/ maintenance/repairs.

The Challenge:
To position FieldCore as an extension of GE rather than a completely independent brand. An identity system and brand guidelines were created along with a website, and brand video.

Brand Snapshot:
We developed a flexible graphics system incorporating authentic imagery of engineers at work, infographic overlays illustrating connection and technology, shots of next-generation tools, along with value-added statements and supporting copy.

Extending the design system online made everything come to life.  

Brand Video:
GE needed a way to quickly explain the reasoning behind the development of the new FieldCore brand. Utilizing existing GE footage, we were able to create an affordable video that explained the purpose yet fit in line with the GE parent brand.