Website & UX Redesign
Carlisle Interconnect Technologies



Adriano Rosales
Matt Finizio
Adriano Rosales
Tom Millman


Products are only as great as their parts, just as a company is only as great as its people.

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (CIT) designs, builds, tests, and certifies comprehensive, high-performance interconnect solutions for clients and partners in Aerospace, Military, Space, Test and Measurement, Industrial and Medical Technology markets.

Customer-first, right from the start was showing its age: the website no longer represented the company as a key player in the interconnect industry and began losing value with its customer base. In order to address the growing needs of clients and partners, CIT needed a modern website redesign that enhanced the customer experience and positioned them as a customer-focused, innovative solutions partner.

Solution in phases:
Rapid Prototyping
Early interactive wireframes were developed that addressed user flow issues taken from performance metrics and customer interviews and profiles. A working Kentico prototype was later developed to aid us in refining user flow, consolidating and prioritizing content, and determining the number of templates needed to complete the entire framework of the site and product catalog.

Adding Messaging & Design 
Working with established graphic standards, photography was updated to include hero shots of engineers at work and in collaboration. Value-added messages were strategically added to high-trafficked pages to reinforce how CIT is not only a problem-solver but a reliable partner that delivers in-depth experience and quality products.

Animated Illustrations
Custom illustrations were created for each market page to help educate customers about product integrations shared between markets.

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