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Adriano Rosales
Matt Finizio
Adriano Rosales
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Across the world, and on practically every kind of structure, you’ll discover the innovative coating solutions of PPG.

PPG has a long heritage of commitment to innovation, sustainable product development, and community engagement. Founded in 1883, Pittsburgh Plate Glass is a global supplier of paints, coatings, optical products, and specialty materials.


Innovation in action

PPG recently went through a rebrand with limited and rigid guidelines for creating online collateral. PPG requested we enhance the original framework of the guidelines for a business unit (BU) redesign. The winning concept would be applied to other BUs in a phased rollout approach. Industrial Coatings was our first test case.

How Far is Too Far?
After a brand guideline review, subject expert interviews, mini competitive analysis, and UX audit, two concepts were developed. Each concept honored the integrity of the original guidelines but contributed to it in a compelling approach that differentiated it from key competitors.


Core Elements

Concept 1: It’s in the details

In this design concept, we demonstrate the layering depth of knowledge, experience, and innovation that brings superior products and results to the surface. Horizontal angles with bold color blocking are utilized to link the solutions expressed in the headlines to the bold imagery representing the results of our collaboration and innovation.

Concept 2: Expertise at work

We approached this concept by visually linking end-products to the intermediate technical details, through paint chip-like squares (or pixels) that help convey technology and accentuates product innovation or benefits to the user. Vertically oriented angles help represent this progression—from the bold ideas expressed in the headlines, to the abstract imagery that represents the details of our innovative technologies, to the products and people touched by our solutions.


After much debate, PPG leadership decided to maintain the original guidelines approach but used design elements from both concepts for areas that required more visual interest. This design treatment was later applied to two other websites: PPG Architectural Metal Coatings and Duranar’s 50th Anniversary Microsite.