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Adriano Rosales
Matt Finizio
Adriano Rosales
Steve Miller
Todd McLellan


Products are only as great as their parts, just as a company is only as great as its people.

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (IT) designs, builds, tests, and certifies comprehensive, high-performance interconnect solutions for clients and partners in Aerospace, Military, Space, Test and Measurement, Industrial and Medical Technology markets.

Sum of its parts

Every year CarlisleIT sends branded desktop calendars along with a holiday card as gifts to clients and partners. This year they wanted to send something different. The brief had three conditions: the gift must remain a calendar, remind customers of CarlisleIT capabilities, and emphasize their personal client relationships.

Solution: We created an oversized wall calendar, spiral bound/wall mount, with custom illustrations constructed from various parts manufactured by CarlisleIT. To complete the set, a blue metallic envelope and greeting card with room for a personal message was added.

Each CarlisleIT message of the month maintained a composition comprising of: a value statement, a custom illustration made from CarlisleIT parts, and line art for added context or embellishment.

14 custom illustrations were created with messaging that highlighted CarlisleIT products, services and solutions.