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Adriano Rosales
Adriano Rosales & Andy Yamashiro
Bryan Simkin

in 1986, Discover Card brought innovation and change to the credit card industry—change that focused on features and services that consumers wanted, but couldn’t find in other credit cards.

Discover pioneered cash rewards and offering a card with no annual fee. To continue that heritage, we helped Discover better connect and communicate with cardmembers about current membership benefits and new promotional deals.


DESTINATIONS: Discover Travel Magazine

Discover’s travel magazine began when we were asked to develop a direct mail piece to increase cardmember awareness about benefits and discounts for national and international acceptance.

We suggested developing a quarterly magazine filled with travel tips and exclusive discounts on lodging, featured restaurants and merchants. Suggested activities with recommended sights and landmarks were also showcased according to country and city.

Trivia, word searches and crossword puzzles appeared throughout spreads to encourage cardmembers to bring it along during their trips. Added convenience: the magazine folded in half, wafer-sealed and sent as a self-mailer.

As a result, cardmember engagement and usage increased with an added unexpected outcome; publications were highly coveted by Discover employees.


Discover has a venerable portfolio of products and services with exclusive promotions and offers for cardmembers. Because of this diversity, communication took on many forms, from booklets and brochures to direct response letters and display ads.